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photo of fred standing in front of a river with his union shirt on


Cindy Kassab

Powell Bus Operator with 45 years of service

Endorsed by #1!

Fred Palmer

TriMet Mail Services

For the first time in my career at Trimet, I have been asked to make an endorsement for a position in our Union. Past leaderships hard work on my behalf made it possible for me to join ATU and for that, I will forever be thankful. My life was literally changed. But, as I step back to see the new obstacles our Union must overcome, I must put aside those loyalties for the greater good. I believe that Fred is a person who possesses a desire to make a positive change; someone who has a vision for our future. I trust him to be an honest man with the skills that are needed to take on this task and to help our Union move forward for the benefit to all of 757s members.

Daniel Brown

TriMet Fare Inspector

Fred is absolutely the person we as a union need as our VP. I have personally witnessed him fighting for our rights as employees, for better more inclusive contracts, as well as for our safety as front line employees. Not only is he willing to go to bat when needed, Fred has worked tirelessly to bring us all together as Union brothers and sisters, regardless of department or job title. We need someone like Fred in a leadership role for ATU to bring back the strength in our union to work against the constant takeaways and division being sought by management. 

Fred is honest and straightforward, he’s not afraid to speak the hard truth to whoever he is speaking to. It’s time to bring honesty, transparency and integrity back to the highest levels of our union leadership. Fred has my vote and he deserves yours as well. 

Mike Wise

TriMet Bus Training Supervisor

We need Fred Casey as VP of our Union.  His care for those he represents is nothing but appreciated.  I like how Fred is able to fully support those he represents in a professional and solution-oriented presentation when dealing with TriMet management.  Too often union reps let their personal agenda and emotions get in the way of problem-solving.  Fred doesn’t come across that way.  He knows the contract and is not timid in sharing those truths with managers.  But He doesn’t allow his anger or his personal agenda get in the way.  We need quality representation like Fred Casey in office. He has my vote.

Sandra Hegstad

TriMet OCC Dispatcher

From the first day of line training I knew Fred would be an excellent operator. From operator to station agent, and then Executive Board Officer Fred has proven time and time again that union brothers and sister come first. His vast knowledge of our Union laws, tenacity, and dedication to the membership is why I’ll be voting Fred Casey for Vice President”

Jamie D. Hamel

TriMet Station Agent

Fred offers a no-nonsense, creative approach to complex problems, and always keeps the union member in mind. A candidate’s character is a paramount aspect of how they will operate in office, and Fred has shown his character in the past several years as union representative to be reliable, honest, fair, and equitable. Fred is highly respected,

not only by those he directly represents, but also by his peers and operators alike. I fully endorse Fred Casey for Vice President of ATU 757.

Jennifer White

TriMet Field Operations Coordinator

Fred Casey is an excellent candidate for VP. As a representative for supervisors, Fred has fought diligently to make sure management follows proper procedures and the contract to protect them from unfair discipline.  Fred is always available to us and anyone else that needs union help.  His tenacity, knowledge and dedication to his union brothers and sisters will serve us well if elected VP.

Jeff Muceus

TriMet Bus Training Supervisor

Having worked with Casey on a recent grievance, I can tell you he was extremely knowledgeable when standing up for my rights, totally prepared when dealing with "the ways" management "handles" grievances, and totally honest and forthright with me about what the outcome might be. I believe Fred will take that experience to a new level as VP. He's got my vote!

Amy Bingham

TriMet Bus Operator

Integrity, anonymity, and complete confidence in another person and their ability to be there for others whether it is a work situation or a work/personal situation is often rare.  However, Fred Casey has demonstrated those very valuable moral qualities to me time and time again over the last four plus years.  He has my utmost respect and admiration for the jobs he does and the knowledge that he has.

Jason Bynon

TriMet OCC Dispatcher

I have been working for TriMet since 2004. In 2011, I was promoted to a supervisor position.  I have been involved as a Steward for almost as nearly as long as I have been here at TriMet.  For the last several years I have worked closely with Fred.  Fred has shown a tenacity to research as much as he can before going into a meeting.  I have known and seen other Executive Board Officers reach out to him for help and advice.  He never turns them down.  I have seen him assist a member who was going through some deep personal struggles even to the point of visiting them at the hospital because they had no family here.  Fred challenges management constantly to hold them to the same high standard he holds himself to.  I believe Fred Casey can get our Union back on track.  He is honest and tries to educate members on the workings of the Union constantly.  So if you want someone who is honest, respects all members, knowledgeable and wants to take our Union forward, then Fred Casey for VP is the way to go!

Krista Stone

TriMet Rail Training Supervisor

Fred fights for what's right. He stands up for us, fights with facts and logic, and knows our rights better than anyone. He was there for me when I needed him several times when I was being falsely accused. We won over and over! He's definitely the one we want in our corner!

Mike Halligan

TriMet Bus Operator

"I have found in Fred a profound sense of practical wisdom and integrity that is deeply needed in the leadership of any organization."

Johnathan Crosland

TriMet Bus Operator

In my short time with TriMet, (2 years) my perception of a Vice President nominee would be, "Hard-working and honest, knowledgeable of major procedures and decisions, and friendly but yet firm and frank. In my case, Fred has all of these skills and was able to offer effective information in my case to retain my employment with the agency. Thank you Mr. Fred.

Alexander Scott

TriMet Station Agent

I have been with TriMet for 6 years now. In that time I have come to know Fred Casey as intelligent, hardworking and willing to fight for what is important to him and his fellow brothers and sisters. I respect Fred a lot because I know that the job he has is not an easy one, but we couldn’t ask for a better person to do it.

Stephanie Oswald

TriMet Bus Operator

Fred is the man for the job of VP. I truly believe he will do the position a great honor.  He is an honest, hardworking man, who is going to do right by us union members. He never backs down from a fight and would never give in to scare tactics. I have always known him to go above and beyond his call of duty as a bus operator as a station agent and especially as a union representative for us.

Aaron Baune
TriMet Bus Operator of The Year 2020

I proudly endorse Fred Casey for VP of ATU757.  I knew from the moment that I met Fred, that he was destined for big things. His ability to talk and reason with people from all walks of life is crucial when dealing with management or helping frontline employees. He is not intimidated by people in “power” and will call them on their (expletive). While our employer tends to be reactive to serious matters, we need our union leaders to be proactive. Fred will proactively fight for our rights and our members.

Jim Bennett

C-Tran ATU 757 Executive Board Officer

Over the last three years I have had the distinct pleasure of working side by side with Fred Casey on the 757 E-board. Fred is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable officers I have seen. When there is a question or grievance in front of the board regarding the TriMet contract, Fred is one of the first guys I go to, answering any and all questions I may have. Fred knows the TriMet contract inside and out and is extremely passionate about his job.  The members at Tri-Met are fortunate to have such an experienced and dedicated officer representing them. I also know from experience that Fred has a sincere desire to address the concern and issues of other properties under the 757 umbrella such as C-Tran, Cherriots in Salem, LTD in Eugene, Portland Public Schools and other properties in the 757 family. Fred wants to find solutions that will work for all of us at 757. Fred has the experience, knowledge and dedication we need. I earnestly endorse Fred Casey for the position of Vice President of local 757, Fred will get the job done!

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