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photo of fred in front of lake wearing his union shirt

Fred's Goals

If you elect me as Vice President, I will...

  • Make myself available as much as possible for Members.

  • Change public perception of unions and encourage public support behind us.

  • Fight management to understand the aspects of assaults for better protection.

  • Demand more supervisors on the system with better de-escalation training and for people with mental illnesses and the mental health of our operators.

  • Continue to push for better progressive discipline language in the contract

  • Improve communication and education to get members more involved. The current admin has done well, but we can expand it even more.

  • Explore how to restructure how properties are divided up by officers. Our local has 29 properties and each one needs to know and feel like they have leadership support.  Possible solution would be to add another VP position for a region.

  • Push for a more stringent questionnaire and/or rules for political donations and endorsements.

  • Build relationships with other locals to increase support during contract times.

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