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photo of fred in front of a river wearing his union shirt



My experience with Unions started almost as soon as I was born.  My Dad was a ardent member of Local 290 Plumbers and Steamfitters until his passing.  My Grandfather was a member of the BLET as a railroad conductor.

I was raised in a Union household and a great sense of extended family was instilled into me. 


My father was a man of compassion and honesty and would give his time up freely for his Union siblings, friends and neighbors never expecting or accepting anything in return. 


He was also a fighter and I was witness to meetings he had with managers and how he conducted himself.


As I got older, I tried to find jobs that had Unions.  I have been a member of a few different Teamster locals over the years but I never ran for any official capacity. 


Like my father, I spent more time reading contracts and offering ideas to Union Leadership. I would help members understand our contracts and talk to them extensively offering support where I could. 

When I was laid off in 2010 from Sunshine Dairy, I returned to school to get a degree in Sociology. 


I completed my AAS and was on my way to getting my Bachelors when I came to work for Trimet in 2013. 


In 2014, I made my first attempt to gain a Union position but I had not been a member of ATU long enough yet to hold a paid Union position. 


When I promoted to the role of Station Agent,  I attempted to become a Steward for the Salaried groups but I was met with silence. 


Even so, I continued to read and study the contract and help anyone that I could.  It wasn’t until 2018 that the next opportunity came. 

I ran for and won the Executive Board Salaried Position. 

In the last 3 years I have fought against management indifference, lack of safety for employees and the general poor decisions that they make. 

I have won many battles and I have had a few tough ones that I am still fighting through grievances. 

Early on, I negotiated a MOA that required management to hold Holiday sign-ups for my groups no less than 30 days from the holiday so that employees could plan better with their families.


My love for my Union siblings extends to all.  Not just at Trimet.  I will take any call from any member to help if I can. 


As Vice President I will continue to work hard to build trust with the members and help educate those who wish to learn and become future leaders in our Union.  We are all in this family together. 


And, as with any family, we may have our differences but when management attacks one of us, the family should circle and bring the battle to their doorstep.

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