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Photo of Fred standing in front of a merged graphic of the new and old powell maintenance buildings

Fred for Vice President ATU757


  • I want you to understand it’s YOUR union. Get involved!


  • An attack on one is an attack on all. We have to support one another!


  • Unity has to be based on trust.


  • More comprehensive steps to ensure Politicians who receive endorsements or donations have a record of helping further workers rights”


  • I will focus on relationships. This is what I have always done and will continue to do!

Fred's 5 Beliefs

What People Are Saying

We need Fred Casey

as VP of our Union.  His care for those he represents is nothing but appreciated.  I like how Fred is able to fully support those he represents in a professional and solution-oriented presentation when dealing with TriMet management.  Too often union reps let their personal agenda and emotions get in the way of problem-solving.  Fred doesn’t come across that way.  He knows the contract and is not timid in sharing those truths with managers.  But He doesn’t allow his anger or his personal agenda get in the way.  We need quality representation like Fred Casey in office. He has my vote.

-Mike Wise, Training Supervisor

Fred Will Fight For YOU

Fred Casey will...

  • Make myself available as much as possible for Members.

  • Change public perception of unions and encourage public support behind us.

  • Fight management to understand the aspects of assaults for better protection.

  • Demand more supervisors on the system with better de-escalation training and for people with mental illnesses and the mental health of our operators.

  • Continue to push for better progressive discipline language in the contract

  • Improve communication and education to get members more involved. 

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